Markus / Mousi

Dave Markus vs Ray Mousi, The Rematch (Movimus)

This is Ray's fifth Movimus match, his second against Dave. When he first wrestled Markus, he had next to zero experience. He has more experience now, but enough for a rematch? Ray is big and strong, but, let's be realistic, Dave Markus is Dave Markus, often too much for even seasoned wrestlers to handle.

Dave eats, lives, and breathes wrestling. The enthusiasm is evident when he squares off against an opponent, any opponent, big or small, tough guy or pushover. He takes on formidable challengers the way a surfer catches the biggest, most daunting waves out there. Wrestling, like surfing or any other passion, is in your blood or it isn't. Markus doesn't always win, but even when he doesn't win, he gives good fight. On the mat he is all legs--and I'm talking about serious steel-banded thighs you don't dare underestimate. His scissorholds are like parking boots. Once on, they stay on until Dave is ready to let go. 

There's a lot of heart in Mousi too. Given his dense, heavy muscle and dancer's speed and agility, a guy like Ray can hold his own and wreak damage without knowing thing one about the sport. There is training, and there's natural ability. Tigers don't need dojos to learn self-defense. To be sure, Mousi has more to learn, but, hell, I don't personally know anybody who's in a hurry to pick a fight with the guy.

And I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't say something about the erotic energy here. There's a lot of, let's say, "gusto" in both competitors that's appealing to me, that makes me wish I were in fighting shape and ready to jump in on this action. While not a ring wrestler, Markus has the charisma of guys like Finn Bálor, Ricochet, and Will Ospreay, who have the moves and dexterity to live up to any amount of hype heaped upon them. Dave is pin-up material, that ass you could bounce dimes off of and that Hollywood profile! Yet despite remarkable haircuts, he seems like a down-to-earth guy, the sort of guy I feel a connection to, without even knowing him, and the sort of guy I want to root for--if not (if only!) tear into on the mat.


  1. Having never seen either of these guys before, which is Markus, which is Mousi?

    I'm sure it's probably pronounced Moosee, but at first I'm seeing mousey. A real wrestler's gimmick! 😅

  2. They are getting better and better, but I am worried with the lack of Aron Stokes matches lately.


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