Duke Russo vs Dave Markus (Movimus)

Dave Markus  has to accept this as the positive thing it is. He has not lost a fan. That's something that will never happen. He just needs to learn to share me with Duke Russo. Hard, I know, but together we can get past this. I have seen a couple of Duke's previous matches and have enjoyed them. But this 31-minute match (minus three or so minutes of preliminary stretching) is the one I'll remember him by--until he tops it, if he can.

Like Markus, Russo's a looker. I can't believe I'm saying this, but he's even hotter without the chest hair. Hard to believe, but true, and his hairy chest was a definite draw from the beginning. But the fuzz that has vanished from Duke's pecs has found its way to Dave's upper lip. The already handsome stud has a moustache now. I don't recall being asked my advice on this makeover. I'm not sure what I think of it, to be honest. But it's there, and Markus carries it off even though it makes me think of zoot suits and six-foot keychains.

As good looking as Dave and Duke are, though, what I like best is the wrestling, which goes for five falls in a spirited, sweaty contest that displays both ferocity and sportsmanship. Despite being the same height with only six pounds' difference in weight, Russo and Markus have very different physiques. By some optical illusion, Duke seems to tower over Dave and overwhelm him. Movimus's initial description of Russo noted that he's perhaps the strongest wrestler ever to hit the company's mats. Markus hardly lacks for muscle, but Russo's is thicker-, heavier-looking, and it seems to pack more wallop, somehow.

As if to prove the point, Duke squeezes the first submission out of Dave in just over three minutes. This is amazing not because Dave has never before submitted, he has, but because of how speedily Duke pushes him to the point where Markus can endure no more. And Duke makes this first conquest without even appearing to exert himself. He's impassive almost to the point of being machine-like. Also, I don't recall ever hearing Markus moan and yelp as much as he does while Russo calmly ties him in knots.

If the first fall is easy, or looks easy, the next four are hard-won and grueling. This is the well-matched battle of my dreams, though Russo is a daunting adversary, almost unconquerable from the looks of things. The wrestlers exhaust themselves against each other; even Duke begins to show some wear and tear. Movimus must surely realize it has a classic in its hands here--and no lover of honest grappling or manly muscle would want to miss this contest.


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