Stan's Last Stand?

Krush vs Stan Torum, Chloro Combat 2, Parts One and Two (Krushco)

Krush says Stan Torum is moving out of state, so he "most likely" won't have the strong, good-looking whipping boy to push around anymore. Not on the mats, not on top of a New York skyscraper, not in a hot tub. That is very sad news.

This two-part release is a sequel to the first Chloro Combat, pitting Krush against Johnny O, early this year. Each part of this release tops thirty minutes in running time, Part One considerably at 46 minutes, and each consists of several different wrestling sessions shot at different times in different gear. The wrestling's excellent, though I'm not big on the chloroform angle.

Stan spends a good bit of the time knocked out. The camera circles and zooms in on the unconscious figure as if paying its last respects. Although used frequently, the anesthetic is responsible for only some of the knockouts. Several occur the old-fashioned way, with Krush easing in behind his prey for a rear naked choke. Stan competes in singlet, trunks, and baggy shorts. For some rounds he wears a rubber mask, adding some extra kink to the mix.

Stan challenges Krush to put up his best, especially, I think, in Part One. As usual, Krush dominates 95 percent of the time, sometimes honestly, sometimes by cutting corners, of course. Stan Torum, along with Gaz, Johnny O, and others, have added spark to the Krushco brand these past couple of years, and he will be greatly missed. But he's leaving some fantastic matches for wrestling fans to remember him by. These are probably the best to date.


  1. its ur fight buddy. locked out of email and trying to access it will email u when i get in hopefully b4 monday

    1. Bad news. Sorry, pal. Make it Monday if you can.


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