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Duke Russo vs Dave Markus, The Rematch (Movimus)

Here's the follow-up to the instant-classic Movimus match from last fall, with the undefeated manly-man Russo tangling again with the unbelievably-hard-to-defeat Markus. These are two of the best fighters on the Movimus roster, not just the best technical fighters, but the best performers, who know how to keep it real while simultaneously playing to the fans. I find this match immensely satisfying as a wrestling fan in general, a Movimus fan in particular, and a fan of both Duke and Dave, specifically.

Not intending to spoil anybody's surprise, let me say this. One of these guys overwhelmingly controls over 70 percent of this new contest, and it's no surprise that that guy is Russo. Last year, Russo declared an open challenge for any wrestler anywhere to come to Movimus and try to beat him on the mat. Whether that summons has been answered or, if so, by how many challengers, I do not know. I, for one, was hoping for legions, and barring some beautiful Hercules to divert my eyes from Duke's hairy muscle, I'm rooting for Russo to cast down and crush every last one of them.

Happily this rematch is great enough to hold me till the challengers start beating down the door at Movimus's home base. Markus is scrappy enough to give Russo a run for his money. He's almost impossible to submit--you almost have to maim him--and he has a way of getting loose from and reversing just about any hold you can pin on him. He's anything but a boring adversary for Russo. Russo, though, is spectacular. He seizes, he mounts, he sweats--the man is perfect. He's not even trying to make all this grunting and humping sexy. It just is.

If you saw and loved Russo vs Markus last year, you will not be disappointed in this sequel--hot, fierce, curvy, grunting, manly fun. I'll be watching this one again, multiple times and very soon.


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