Hell to Pay

Jaguar vs BadAss Borne, Heel Bash 2 (BGEast)

Here's my favorite part of Jaguar vs BadAss Borne as described in BG East's catalog description:
Predictably, Borne pushes his luck and pays the price. Soon he's on the hurting end of a beating as Jaguar springs into action, whipping BadAss across the ring and giving him a taste of what an honest ass-kicking feels like. He applies two bearhugs. Neither looks comfortable, but for the second one, Jag chicken-wings the heel's arm behind his back, adding some extra crunch to an already excruciating hold. The maneuver wins Jaguar the second fall by submission, tying the match one to one. He reinforces the win by acting promptly. A double nelson paralyzes Borne, and Jaguar slams the guy's forehead to the turnbuckle and spins him, the interlocked fingers cranking the neck and forcing a speedy and panicked second submission from the humiliated heel. Jaguar heaves the tottering [BadAss] up high off his feet and, in a perfect act of retribution, smashes the dirty fighter's nuts across the top rope.

Previously, Borne (in green) gets a long hard go at Jaguar, capitalizing on a cheap shot with a series of merciless assaults. When Jaguar threatens to stop the contest, BadAss promises to fight fair, only to double up on the dirty tactics. For me, the capstone of any great ring match is the second when the bad guy oversteps his bounds and suddenly finds himself facing a shit-storm of comeuppance. Other fans prefer a jobber beatdown, especially when the jobber is young and hot. Others like a clean, purely technical contest, ending in a draw and a handshake. I can go with either one, but in my imagination I always translate them into this one always reliable scenario: somebody crosses the line and now he's gonna get it.


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