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Case "C.T." Thornton vs Mark Molina (Movimus)

Mark Molina is a strong new addition to the Movimus roster, and Case flew 2500 miles to break the rookie in. It's a three-fall match, played out over 25 or so minutes, with the promise of a rematch to come. The competition is stiff between these two natural competitors. Mark has youth and muscle on his side, but CT has the more well developed skills set. I won't say that this makes the competition even. Case is just too good a wrestler for the good-looking fledgling to take on in his debut, but Mark's heart is in the fight from start to finish, and as the minutes tick by, the guy's performance catches up with his ambition. Expect plenty more from him in the future.

Considering  this is only the second match Movimus has shot in Las Vegas (the company released the first in late January), there's a lot to be impressed with and even more to look forward to. I'm personally fond of the domestic trappings--a living-room contest that puts the action in the realm of the cozily familiar and, for me, the nostalgic. So far, Movimus isn't using Vegas for the city's glitz and glamor. Right now, the new Nevada satellite site serves mainly practical ends, to pull in wrestling talent from the Western states for whom the long haul to the East coast is too big an obstacle.

Mark has the hot looks and hustle that spell excitement. I'd bet on him if I were a gambling man. I can't wait to see what the future brings for him. CT is, of course, ubiquitous in the underground wrestling world, and the vitality he brings to this battle is a big reason why.


  1. Do you know if any of the fights on Movimus end in knockouts? Have been considering purchasing a few matches for a while.

    1. movimus seems to focus on the quality of the wrestling match. no gimmicks. however, joe can better answer the question. i've seen a few matches and they were very sportsman like.


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