Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

Coleman Free vs Chase Michaels, Match 534 (UCW)

UCW produces the fightingest wrestling matches out there, many this year as good as any BG East has ever put out (I can't say that about any other promotion, even ones I dearly love), but UCW concentrates on f-i-g-h-t. Other promotions have wrestlers so pretty I don't care whether they know how to fight or not, beautiful beautiful boys; some of them can't fight worth a lick. I'm not saying Coleman and Chase aren't pretty, but pretty is not the main thing with them. Coleman and Chase give top-shelf fight. At UCW, those who can't fight are soon out the fucking door. Sometimes the company trots out a babe with biceps or flashes some ass at the camera, but their house brand is hair-yanking, ball-crushing, eye-gouging, toe-biting rasslin'. I can jerk off to a beautiful pinup, done it lots of times, used to be better at it, but a good hard fight compels me to unload.

Chase has been steadily honing his combat skills for the past year, and taking evening classes in evil. Tall, lanky, with bedroom eyes and hair on his balls, he looks divine. I don't know whether he came to the company with wrestling training, pro or folk style, but the guy sure knows how to kick butt. No acrobatics, no feats of strength, no playbook, the guy digs his heels in and starts wailing away at anybody within striking distance. A more recent hire, Coleman came to UCW with pro-ring experience. He's got the psychology down. He has an instinct for the inherent drama and majesty of two men squaring off to settle some shit. His long blond hair just dares somebody to grab some. He may look like the guy you'd like to marry your daughter or son, but, provoked, he can be hell in a lunch bag for whoever crosses him.

UCW is not 100 percent. No company is. In 2017, though, it's been close. At my house, there's Movimus for intense submission wrestling, there's Thunder's Arena for mouth-watering muscle, there's Rock Hard for to-die-for bad boys, there's Naked Kombat for balls-to-the-mat porn, there's BG East for big-store variety, there's Krushco for everlasting Krush. And, here's my point, there's UCW for skinny guys, mostly, tearing thick chunks out of each other for the sheer joy of giving and receiving pain. In Match 534, Free and Michaels deliver as ballsy a fight as you could hope to see. Totally my kind of thing.


  1. Joe, you have summed up my thoughts about UCW and this match precisely. Many other companies either don't- or don't consistently- give us great matches. Great guys, perhaps, but not great matches. UCW almost makes for good fights. To be sure, they are not formulaic. Each wrestler has his own skills, each match it's own personality. And there are surprising turns of event. But Bodyslam and Axel are always hitting on reset and allowing us to get our money's worth. I will cry if they ever cease production.

  2. It should have read "almost ALWAYS makes for good fights". It's too late at night...

  3. Yeah, I agree. Videos where the guys really FIGHT it out are so damn intense and hot. A lot of video productions feature the pretty boys, but I'm more into guys tearing into each other in an alpha domination fight for total supremacy. I hate the "fixed" outcomes of most all matches. I realize it is part of the "pro-style" business, but I would prefer to watch two guys tear into each other in an NHB match to establish his domination and supremacy over the other alpha male. Aggression is the key to these matches.
    Totally agree with your summary - Thunders Arena is the best for muscle beats, Rock Hard for some "bad boys" and hot wrestlers, Movimus for submission grappling, and UCW for wrestling-fights.
    Eli Black and Axel have fought a number of times. Really would like to watch them fight all-out and really find out who is the toughest. I'd bet on Eli since he is the more sadistic wrestler-fighter, although their last match was mostly dominated by Axel.
    In this match. I would love to fight Coleman free anytime and anywhere.
    Thanks for the commentary and the photos.


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