Austin Tyler vs Joker, Match 540 (UCW)

On Wednesday Joker crowed on Facebook about beating up "the newer pretty boy" Austin Tyler "or w.e. his name is" in UCW's latest release (out today). Joker has the uncanny ability to bite off more than he can chew and somehow, through fair means or foul, still swallow the morsel whole. (I'm mangling this cliché, I know.) Austin is far from your run-of-the-mill pretty boy, and he puts up a kick-ass defense in Match 540. But can he handle a wildcard like Joker, whose one and only strategy is a total absence of scruples?

Joker bites, gouges, punches, chokes, introduces a foreign object into the contest, and, at one point, hightails it out of the UCW fight space (Austin drags him back for some much-deserved payback). Austin prefers an aboveboard fight, something Joker is incapable of, but backed to the wall, Tyler will go as low as you like, much to the pink-clad heel's dismay. But if he's known for anything, Joker is known for pushing boundaries (and buttons), and the ex-champ is already on record, saying he'll do anything (anything) to get his hands back on the coveted UCW belt.


  1. Great caps of some hot submission holds. Thank you very much!

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