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Chase Michaels vs Tyson the Hammer, Match 538, Strip Match (UCW)

UCW is so gay it flies the rainbow flag on its homepage in celebration of LGBT Pride Month. As a token of my tribe, the flag means a lot to me--cheerier than the pink triangle, less snooty than the lambda, and less vomit-inducing than a unicorn (sorry, Paredyse)--but the symbol of my tribe I hold dearest is ass. Call me superficial. I can't help it, and I don't want to.

Of course, my passion is wrestling--gay, straight, butch, femme, ring, mat, vulva, penis, white, black, trunks, singlet, smooth, hairy, skinny, fat, short, tall, rough, friendly, fully clothed or naked. If the wrestling is good (by which I mean hot), I can be all-embracing, as prismatic as a rainbow on an acid trip. The wrestling has been exceptionally good at UCW this year, and its latest match bares the finest buttocks on the roster.

Paired against each other (in bun-highlighting jockstraps) just this April, Tyson and Chase return, ready to wrestle, bite, and choke and, in the process, strip each other of his summer togs. Both are great looking guys, high ranking among my favorites on the roster, and both wrestle with extreme heart (Chase's being a little more extreme than Tyson's, I think). Here they strike a good balance between grappling and denuding each other, wisely favoring the former.

From start to finish, the 28-minute match is friendly and sportsmanlike (in light of the UCW norm). They have wrestled before, but it would be too much of a stretch to consider this a feud or a grudge match. Chase tosses out the idea of stripping off each other's clothes, the idea being that the loser gets stripped nude--though, the ending is not quite so cut and dry as that, since we're cued by the final words spoken that the match is not quite over once the putative goal has been achieved. In a manner of speaking, the men have more they need to work out. So I assume there's more to come.

Yeah, I meant it  to sound that way. Happy June Pride, brothers and sisters.


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