Jake Zane vs JJ Allen, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (Muscleboy Wrestling)

Muscleboy gives sexy doughboy JJ Allen 15 uninterrupted minutes to dominate and abuse lean and sinewy Jake Zane before receiving his predestined comeuppance in the final 20 minutes. Better than mere doughboy, JJ is living, breathing birthday cake, vanilla white with powdery curves atop thick, solid legs. He has a particular weakness for Jake, evident in the way he fondles the guy's honey-tinted muscles in lush and prolonged holds (bear hug, head-scissors, and full nelson). Already this is top-shelf erotic wrestling:  frottage subsumed in textbook wrestling holds.

Close to the 16-minute mark, Jake takes over with a trio of punches to JJ's chest, adding some pink to the doughboy's skin tone. The exchange is more feisty than malicious and, while forceful, as much an expression of desire as a change in the power structure. Personally, I prefer Jake's handling of JJ to JJ's of Jake, possibly because JJ's body offers exciting territory to explore and lay claim to, or possibly because Jake's hungry gaze is more penetrating than JJ's--and Jake, more than just about any other erotic wrestler I know of, has a knack for shamelessly "gazing" with his lips, fingers, and thrusting pelvis as well as with his bedroom eyes.


  1. Those Jake bedroom eyes! I know them well ;) Remember folks the web address for all these hot muscle boy matches is:

  2. Love love Jake Zane. The way he enjoys his prey after winning is so sensuous. His match against Axel in BG East is still one of my favorites.

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