Jack Gallow

Jack Gallow vs Cono, Spring Break Your Neck (Fight the World)

FTW world champion Cono will do anything to keep Jack Gallow's hands off his belt. The heel fakes an injury so he can attack the challenger from behind. He brings his cronies into the ring to soften Gallow up. When all else fails, he forearms the guy's family jewels. Gallow (25, 6', 238#) drew me to this April 23rd fight, but both guys are hot in that unmistakable indy-wrestling style of hot (which is to say the best ever style of hot), and this sweaty brawl is, in its own negligibly flawed way, everything I look for in a ring battle: a muscular fireplug of a hero going toe to toe with a good-for-nothing sleazebag of a champion. Cono (31, 5'9", 187#) gives Gallow plenty of excellent reasons to go ballistic on the baldy heel, and though the finish is a little wobbly (to my tastes), my hankering for a new crush to pine over is doubly met in this handsome fireplug of a strongman and his strong but loosely-muscled antagonist.


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