Scissorboy and Leon

Scissorboy Alex vs Leon, 15 June 2017 (Crazy Ninja)

Squarely built Polish challenger Leon (with close-cropped hair and black and split-pea green trunks) makes his Crazy Ninja debut here against Scissorboy Alex (with tousled hair and black and maroon trunks). It's a top-notch four-fall match, lasting over 30 minutes, with real wrestling packing each of those minutes full up to bursting. It doesn't hurt that both wrestlers are good looking, but straight-edge competitive wrestling is the focus, not posing, not personalities, not smack talk.

Alex taps out first shortly after the nine-minute mark. It takes another nine minutes for him to even the score. At several earlier points, it appeared that Alex had his man cinched (as in the awkwardly positioned but tight hammerlock he accomplishes in the fourth screenshot above), but poor camera angles fail to give us a good view of the holds that ultimately do the trick. (To be fair, the match transpires in tight quarters, so there's insufficient room for both good wrestling and good photography,) We get a better view of the arm bar that decides the fall around Minute 21.

Leon is the heavier of the two by almost eighteen pounds, with a fireplug build I usually associate with ring wrestlers. Since last I saw him, Alex has added noticeable muscle to his chest, arms, and thighs to good (attractive, that is) effect. The match is even give and take to the end, with competitiveness and sportsmanship displayed by both men.


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