Shawn Duncan vs Zachery Loftus (Movimus)

In his second fight at Movimus, Shawn Duncan (in blue) shows no sign of a sophomore slump. The molten intensity he brought to his match against Evan Turner last month is powerfully echoed in his latest challenge, delivered by newcomer Zachery Loftus. Zachery (in black) is taller and heavier, with a high-school wrestling background. Both men obviously like a good hard scrap now and then. This one is sportsmanlike, with no hint of animosity, but it practically explodes with instinctive aggression.

Submission wrestling is usually a slow burn for me; its effects felt in increments, gradually increasing as the minutes tick by till I'm entirely absorbed in it. Right off, this contest hits me like a punch in the gut, the first (of five) tap-outs occurring within its first minute. The second takes its time, but from beginning to end, Duncan vs Loftus is as engrossing and satisfying a battle of wills and muscles as I've seen this year.

The Movimus website promises us a rematch. Personally, I can't wait. Shawn and Zachery are exciting rivals. The "physical chess" aspect of wrestling is evident in their styles and attitudes. The struggle to apply a hold and keep it (without the advantages of pro-ring choreography) preoccupies mind and body, generating drama unique to folk styles of wrestling. Movimus's latest, with a running time of 24 minutes, gives me the high-caffeine jolt I need.


  1. Submission wrestling is awesome. Multiple tapouts is a great match to find out who is the dominant alpha male. Both of these muscle studs look evenly matched and the bout was not set up to be a squash job. Shawn held his own against Zachery who has a wrestling background and heavier stats in his favor. These guys need a brutal rematch.

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