Elite Eliot vs Colin Havok, Pros Up-Close, and Elite Eliot vs Cal Bennett (Wrestler4Hire)

Lotsa shit has happened since Wednesday, when I announced my infatuation with Wrestler4Hire's Elite Eliot. I have not yet reached the stage of making up wrestling fantasies about Eliot, so I'm not that deeply invested in the guy, but give me another week, and I may need an intervention. For now I'm only a budding Elitist. Basically I'm in the reconnaissance stage--watching and absorbing two of his other W4H matches: against punk-ass heel Colin Havok and underground wrestling's Disney prince Cal Bennett.

Whereas Eliot was up against a wily veteran in Garrett Thomas, he faces a peer in Colin Havok (screen shots above). Havok is, as the name implies and as I've stated, a punk-ass heel, one after my own heart, who loves ravaging Eliot's strong but not overdeveloped body. As the match progresses, Eliot starts itching to deliver up some payback on his bumptious adversary and develops, it seems, a taste for dirty fighting to help scratch that itch, though this development may occur too late in the match to do him any good. If Eliot comes to embrace the dark side, however, he and Havok would make swell teammates.

That the dark side does call to Eliot is evident in his match against Cal Bennett, whom he trounces and enjoys trouncing (who wouldn't?). The trouncing itself (screen shots below) is expected since Cal is always the trouncee, never the trouncer. Yet, in fairness to Cal, I've somewhat changed my tune on one point of my critique of him as a ring performer, and I owe him an apology for unenthusiastic comments made last week. I obviously underestimated his ability to convey the intensity of an opponent's holds because the man sells the heck out of his fight with the Elite One. Cal may not be committed to every second of agony Eliot forces upon him, but he gives a compelling performance all the same. As for Eliot, he proves capable of the same degree of havoc perpetrated previously by Colin, with a brutality that makes him even more attractive.

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  1. Elite Eliot also wrestles by the name Eliot Paul.

  2. Want to wrestle Elite Eliot anytime and anywhere. Hot body for submission grappling and sweaty pro-style wrestling action. Any style wrestling or fight with him would be awesome.

  3. yeah that guy is a great worker


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