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Chase Michaels vs Jackson, with Quinn Harper, Match 547 (UCW)

Quinn Harper talks newcomer Jackson into challenging Chase Michaels into a rip-and-strip match out in the wide open air in the latest from UCW. Titillating as it sounds, there's more roughhouse than burlesque in the contest, and thanks to Quinn, itching for a piece of the action, it's plenty rougher and messier than it needs to be. The green location could not be lovelier, and seeing Chase and Jackson roll and rumble in the grass should stir up happy memories for fans old enough to remember the days when boys played mostly outdoors instead of online.

As usual, Chase keeps the action feisty and steamy, never too shy to twist balls in the interest of gaining the advantage. He looks studly whether whooping ass or having his ass whooped. He and Jackson keep up a close semblance of real grappling for most of the 27-minute match. In the last half, Quinn can't contain himself at the sidelines, interfering and, at one point, drawing a mule-kick from an enraged Chase. Jackson seems to fit right in, even stooping to ditch the rules of fair play and pull a douchebag move near the end, when clean fighting gives way to chaotic drama. The high point comes right at the end:: a double axe-handle drop off a tree branch (bet you've never seen that one before).

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  1. I like outdoor matches. Few video promotions do them. Something primal about fighting outdoors.


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