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Grant Phelps vs Mark Molina (Movimus)

Six-foot-three Grant Phelps looks like he stepped right out of 1962, specifically out of the boardroom of Sterling Cooper. Needless to say, the trim, clean-cut athlete stands out at Movimus and in underground wrestling generally. Hell, he'd stand out anywhere. To judge by his introductory match, Grant's a genial, good-natured guy, but under the pleasant and easygoing exterior beats a competitive heart. He comes to this match with a superb arm bar, one of my favorite submission/punishment holds in wrestling.  It takes him just over two minutes to squeeze a submission out of the hot and powerfully built Mark Molina. Now Mark has about twelve minutes to gain the momentum needed to win this contest, if he can.

Five-foot-nine Mark is returning for his third match at Movimus, having proved his grappling skills in memorable and exhausting contests against Case "CT" Thornton and Evan Turner. But Grant is determined to make a big splash in his debut, and his sinewy limbs pose a formidable challenge for Mark, who's got the muscle to take the guy down and a killer choke hold (another favorite) waiting for the right moment to finish him off, but Phelps's arms and legs are a bitch to rein in.

Reportedly, the hairy-chested rookie has his sights set on tattooed strongman Shawn Duncan, who's earned the reputation as THE man to beat at Movimus's Vegas annex. But to get there, Grant has to go through Molina first, and Molina has plans of his own, and none of them involve rolling over and playing dead for Phelps.

Movimus's latest is a terrific four-fall match featuring two strong and attractive athletes. I hope we haven't seen the last of Phelps and Molina, either of whom could give Duncan a fight to remember.

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  1. Grant's moves are quick and precise. I would like to see him take on some of their best men like Russo, Markus or Angelo.

  2. Grant looks awesome. Want to watch him take down their toughest wrestlers. He has an amazing body. Would love to wrestle him anytime.

  3. Molina's legs are amazing. Such awesome grappler!


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