Tap Out or Pass Out

Krush vs Lionel, Tap Out or Pass Out (Krushco)

I hold that admiration for what Krush and Lionel do on a wrestling mat is a sure sign of one's love of underground wrestling. It doesn't get realer than these two guys, and nobody delivers wrestling, actual wrestling, not just the gear or muscle or smack talk, more than they do. They sprinkle pro-style drama into the mix as well: grimaces and growls and a few punches and other show-tactics you won't see at Movimus or Fightroom, other venerated institutions that deserve fans' love and respect. (That corner punch-out, for instance, is all-out shady.) Their latest battle is one of their best, thus one of the best anywhere.

It would be great if I could say the match is chloroform free - not my favorite Krushco device, but, you know, there's something to be said for it, too - yet there it is about midway through the match, which lasts (good news!) a whopping 37 minutes! Up to that point the action is straight-edge, mano a mano, and after that point the guys (Krush mostly) throw in theatrical flourishes - in small, subtle doses. Krush and Lionel's previous run-in, Chloro Combat 3 last winter, was similarly restrained, but this one is better, in my opinion. Krush, of course, is always amazing, but Lionel sells every hold - his own and Krush's - like he's gunning for an Oscar.

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