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Krush vs Donald Jay, Chloro Combat 4: Donald Jay Returns (Krushco)

In previous matches Donald Jay has been a good foil for Krush. His mat name, clearly alluding to the current U.S. president, does not color his on-camera performance much. He's a mean-tempered jerk, sure, but his hair isn't biscuit-colored or -shaped and so far he hasn't said anything noticeably fascistic. Neverthless, watching Krush clean this so-and-so's clock on a regular basis has to gladden any patriotic heart. Also, Donald is a looker with a fit body, a statement nobody who isn't paid to do so would make about POTUS.

To call this "hardcore real submission wrestling with an edge," per the site's description, is no exaggeration.  Like the match, it is forthright - blunt as a clump of knuckles to the nose. The edge is mostly a product of the match's realness as an athletic contest, colored but not controlled by a heightened sense of drama, a tiny hint of theater and political defiance but mostly  a plain and simple good kick-ass fight. Wisely, the guys don't overwork the chloroform angle, reserving the rag for major high points, a sort of flourish.

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