Hotel Hell

Krush vs Cameron, Hotel Hell: Cameron's Beatdown, Krushco

"What? Choking?" Krush asks without a hint of concern in his voice. Cameron moans, his whole body buried under the weight of Krush's body. "Yeah?" Krush all but sneers at the wussness of his adversary. He wraps his left arm around the guy's neck and squeezes, shifting his body weight while continuing to press the man into the hotel mattress. Cameron emits a high-pitched huff, clearly overwhelmed. "What?" Krush repeats - this time the sort of two-syllable Wha-at?  that's shorthand for "I dare you to do something about it."

What an opening! Abrupt and right to business. No minute spared for warm-ups or proper introductions. The setting takes me back to the Rodeway Inns of Tampa and Atlanta, where pals and I used to meet, watch wrestling on TV, and wrestle each other till dawn. Krush presses his palm over Cameron's mouth. Again he asks, "What?" but this time he means "Shut the fuck up."  He steers Cameron's body so that it's now lengthwise on the bed, head close to the pillows. He turns Cameron's face towards the camera, maintaining the choke and insinuating a bare foot between the man's thighs. Cameron almost succeeds in wriggling free, but Krush clamps on even tighter, now riding the guy's ass as he pushes him face down to the white comforter.

Not once does Cameron get the upper hand. He gets close, but then Krush squeezes his thighs around Cameron's head or, more murderously, around his waist, and reins him in. Any headway Cameron manages to gain - and that's not a lot - gets immediately punished, a combination of bodily restraint and stiff, stinging punches. Out of consideration for the other hotel guests, Krush muffles Cameron's groans but doesn't relent until, eight minutes in, Cameron says the safe word, something in his shoulder having snapped.

The rest of the 17-minute video is filled with discrete practice sessions, in which, Krush demonstrates a variety of chokes and strangleholds. Practice  I call it, but clearly the man is holding nothing back. These are as rough and  riveting as the interrupted wrestling match. In the end, what is the cocky spin instructor's verdict on Krush's manhandling? "It was awesome," he says, chuckling, although now completely winded by the ordeal. 

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  1. You can only admire a man whose response to an ordeal like that Cameron undergoes at Krushco's controlling hands is, "It was awesome." Admire and desire. Someone slip him my phone number. I'd like to continue the awesomness with him.

    1. You and me both. Gotta love his attitude.

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  3. I have never seen anything like this. It is by far the hottest wrestling video I have ever seen.


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