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Keelin vs Axel, Match 618 (UCW)

This fight's for fans who are tired of watching Axel win match after match after match - or, more specifically, those who just think  they are tired of watching Axel win. Why? Because Axel shoots sparks  in this fight, and his opponent Keelin shoots sparks right back! The chemistry between these two explodes the mat room (already partially demolished by Axel's run-in with David the Flawless One), and we see Axel up against somebody as calmly and methodically vicious as Axel himself. Admittedly, neither has the dynamic on-camera personality of an Eli Black, but, despite their serene exteriors, these guys like to hurt people and ravage opponents.

Dark and handsome Keelin took me by surprise in his debut against Derrick Cole. In his second appearance, he was wasted (in multiple senses of the word, but mostly because he was largely hidden from view under a mask and singlet). Nevertheless, he got a crack at being UCW Champion - not bad for a sophomore appearance - albeit far too briefly. Against Axel, he lives up to his promise, shining as a mat wrestler and making Axel shine, in turn.

Axel shows more energy than usual in "welcoming" Keelin to the mat room. His excitement is palpable, and once the fight starts, it's clear that he's got good reason to be excited - and maybe a little nervous, too. The wrestlers lock up collar and elbow, and within seconds, Keelin is closed-fist punching Axel in the gut. Axel spins behind him to contain him, and Keelin bucks and thrusts like a bronco, ultimately reversing and clamping Axel in a chinlock. An elbow jab releases Axel, who then snatches Keelin up in a bear hug. Keelin punches his way out of the hold as both fighters collapse onto the mat, where Keelin bends Axel in a crab hold. For the next 27 minutes, Keelin and Axel keep the action brisk and unremitting in a thrilling showcase of athleticism, endurance, and wrestling savvy.

These guys aren't overtly trying to be sexy, but the rough way they handle each other is just about the sexiest thing I've seen in months. The grunts and yowls are real - not playacted - as Keelin, a man of few words, proves that he not only gets what UCW is all about but also intends to raise it to new heights. The give and take is thrilling on its own merits, - and proves that actions speak louder than smack. If I could drop a few pounds and a few decades, Keelin would probably be the guy I'd want to wrestle. As far as I'm concerned, next to Axel and Eli Black, he's a new benchmark for UCW and underground wrestling at large. Now sic Chase Michaels on him!

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  1. earlier in the year ucw was on fire. they are blazing again! keelin is like gasoline added to the fire. what a match! one of my fav matches was axel breaking in dakota brava who btw didn't need any breaking in. keelin brings it. i've not seen axel challenged in awhile. nice call. loved the match! yeah!!!! sic em Chase. i'm excited to see more of keelin.

  2. Count me as one fan who would like to watch Axel get his ass whipped badly on the mats. Anyone - Eli Black, Austin Tyler, Chase Michaels or Keelin. Wish these guys would wrestle like Movimus and let the wrestlers grapple it out without any choreography - and then see how tough Axel is.

    1. that would be worth a watch. i would like to see axel against max ryder. max was jacked in his last video and showing more confidence. wondering how axel would handle a rematch.

  3. Keelin is sexy AF, watching him and Chase tear each other apart in the ring just might make my ......... words cannot contain, in the meantime Keelin vs Axel should provide plenty of bate fuel, I'm off to buy it now


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