TK Wu vs Nero Angelo, Match 641 (UCW)

In December, TK Wu made his first UCW appearance as part of the four-man crew in what is now my favorite holiday-themed match of all time. That was a rowdy good time for all, and Wu held his own against some tough competition, earning this callback, a singles contest against one of UCW's most aggressive fighters, an inveterate tease known far and wide for his handsiness. Ordinarily this would be the match that casts the newcomer as the victim of a humiliating hazing with erotic overtones, yet Wu has surprises in store for his muscular adversary that may put the battle in a different light. 

Not only is TK not particularly put off by his opponent's sexual advances, he may just be ready to repay them.  "I haven't had someone quite like you in a while," says Nero, all but licking his lips as his eyes rove over Wu's slender but athletic body. TK replies with a knowing smirk, "I've faced plenty of big guys like you." Though new to UCW, Wu enters this ring with loads of pro-wrestling experience, and he's ready to take on a lech like Angelo and maybe even teach the wolf a few tricks he's never seen before. When told he must be a present from Bodyslam, the company's founder and co-owner, TK grins and replies, sharply, "Enjoy it while you can."

The match consists of suggestive taunting and handling of merchandise that might rattle a less experienced fighter than Wu. TK takes the leering badinage all in stride, making it clear that this is not his first rodeo. Something in the new guy's eye suggests that he's waiting for his bigmouth antagonist to overstep a line, as yet undefined, before he strikes back with a tasty surprise of his own.

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