American in Paris

Stefan vs John Rodriguez, Paris Deal 5 for John (Wrestlingmale)

Stefan is so American you can almost smell the cheeseburgers. The guy is Sergeant York, Buck Rogers, and Mickey Mantle, rolled up into one gorgeous heap of corn-fed masculinity. He's a highly watchable wrestler, and a generous costar to the men he's faced off against at Wrestlingmale and elsewhere. Every inch of him screams "nice, steady guy you'd like your parents to meet." And he likes to play rough - another distinctly American trait, though more so of the country's rowdy past than its paranoid present.

In Paris Deal 5, Stefan takes on porn star John Rodriguez, mature, suave, classically built, but a relative newcomer to the world of wrestling. This is John's fourth time in front of the Wrestlingmale camera, Stefan's twelfth. It's a custom match with a brief and undeveloped tie-in to police fetishism. In the ring, John and Stefan engage less in combat than in friendly one-upmanship. There are tests of strength at first, which lead to crotch-grabbing and more robust assaults as the competition stiffens. Like the best roughhouse, things get a little out of hand as the testosterone bubbles up.

Having watched Stefan job so many times, I enjoyed watching him take the upper hand here. The guy has plenty of self-confidence, but he's not the kind of guy to swagger. He'll play as rough as his opponent wants to take it, and he doesn't mind hurting a guy if the guy needs cutting down to size. He's roughest here after the midpoint, but even then it's mostly a matter of bear hugs and scissor holds, played for their intrinsic eroticism.

As usual, Wrestlingmale makes art out of material often played for shits and grins in the USA. The lighting, cinematography, and editing are always topnotch. 

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