Dog Eat Dog

Michael Roman vs Seth Santoro, Michael & Seth, Episode 1: The Contract (Wrestlingmale)

In the first of a series, Etienne Erik is looking for a trainer for a fuck-and-fight team. He puts his two top candidates, Seth Santoro and Michael Roman, in the ring for a loser-cums-first contest. Winner gets an offer. Both men are hungry for the job ... and for each other, as is manifest in a match that is the closest of any I've seen in depicting my erotic wrestling fantasies. 

First of all, Roman and Santoro look fantastic, and both play rough and naked for most of the 29-minute video. Seldom have I seen porn stars fight this ferociously, exhausting themselves in the struggle. Second, the match elaborates on the Naked Kombat format, tossing in a pinch of Old Reliable grit and Vogue Hommes  posh. Though the contest is set in a pro ring, the action is mostly on the mat. Third, the cinematography and post-production work are top notch, as usual at Wrestlingmale. I'm still not on board with the split-screen shots, used sparingly in this match, but the rest is like a men's cologne ad on the planet Sado. My idea of heaven.

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