Choke on This, Bitch!

Krush vs Vin Green, Summer Sweat-Down (Krushco)

No agenda, no gear, no rules, no witnesses. That's the setup of Krush's second battle with Vin Green, who brought out the nasty in Krush at the end of last year. This time the emphasis is less on strangulation than on crushing an opponent with just the body, naked and unreinforced. The only additional weapon is a judo-style white belt, introduced at the beginning, then reintroduced about halfway through.

The men spend most of the match tightly interwoven into each other's limbs, chest to chest, belly to belly, nuts to nuts, breaking into a sweat about a third of the way through the 36-minute bout. That said, they maltreat each other as only sworn enemies can. The action is caught with minimal edits and minimal camera movement. The soundtrack consists of heavy breathing, hissed expletives, and the thump of bodies against the vinyl and foam mats.

Unsurprisingly Krush submits Green before we reach the three-minute mark. At this point they remove their trunks and wrestle buck naked. Shortly before we reach the six-minute mark, Vin submits Krush with a head-scissors after what was beginning to look like a head-scissors vs head-scissors impasse. They not only grip but also punch and twist each other's body in a mad scramble for something bigger and grimmer than mere victory: I refer to conquest - the successful violation of an adversary's sovereignty through maximum debilitation. Krush can't resist spanking his opponent to add a little humiliation on top of bodily pain. 

Both wrestlers are facing the challenge of their lives in this match. Here are the hump-bludgeoning assault tactics of my first introduction to Krush - long ago in the Lucien days - only this time there are no Speedos, no jockstraps even - and no assurance that this feud will ever be settled.

All GIFs provided by Krushco. Visit Krushco here.


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