Master Stroke

Jessie Lee vs Nero Angelo, Match 678 - in Oil (UCW)

Even Nero Angelo looks cowed by Jessie Lee's ineffable beauty. Usually so sure of himself, at times it looks like Nero may be melting in the glow of Jessie's perfect physique. Nero is not lacking in muscle and curves to match his opponent's, but then there's Lee's seductive smile on top of everything else. It's a smile that often persists through the intensest struggle. Always caught between the urge to demolish and the urge to seduce, Nero appears entranced by Jessie, whose body is crystalline when covered in oil.

On top of the allure of oil, this is a submission match - two powerful draws in one 30-minute contest. The traction required to submit a man who is one's equal in strength, is infinitesimal when both bodies are well lubricated. Still, in the end, one of these men does tap out, though even that moment ultimately falls short of being a complete conquest. 

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