Complete Control

Jett Bentley vs Ethan Andrews, Complete Control (88Wrestling)

No offense intended, but Jett Bentley is the last guy I would have picked to last three rounds against Ethan Andrews. Sure, he put on some serious muscle over the last 12 months, but muscle has never been enough to take Ethan down.  Jett brings Ethan his toughest fight in over a year, and that's something to crow about - whether you're rooting for Bentley or Andrews in this one.

In 2018, when these two first faced each other, Ethan wiped the mat with this guy. Somehow between then and now, Jett has developed a killer instinct, and it's impressive - not yet Rex Bedford impressive - but he's certainly leaped four or five levels to get to where he is today. He's no longer afraid to get his hands dirty to get the job done and no longer cowed by highly trained adversaries like Ethan.

The sells are tasty. Jett has never been this on fire, and, even more surprising, this might be Ethan's best match yet at 88. As a heel, Jett speaks in hushed tones that are more menacing than soothing.  In one instance when he has Andrews in a rear naked choke, with Andrews drily rasping, his forehead veiny and bright red, Bentley coos, "Just go to sleep ... nighty-night." His newfound confidence is evident in small gestures like yanking Ethan up by the hair (fourth GIF) and a dismissive booty bump (ninth GIF). Ethan has never looked more helpless, and Jett has never been this completely in control.

Congratulations to both wrestlers on a fine fight, and my gratitude to whoever custom-ordered this match - it's a beauty!

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