Dynamite vs Blayde

Cody Blayde vs Dynamite Dylan Davis, 19 March 2019, Indian Brook, NS (Outlaw Pro Wrestling)

Cody Blayde brings three times the energy of any of the wrestlers I have seen him take on. He hasn't won all those matches, but he pumps up the fight - just watch his matches at BG East. The rainbow-colored warrior has bounce and tenacity like few other professional wrestlers, underground, indie, or big show. Besides speed, Cody is seemingly unbreakable. He takes on big muscle - like sometime partner Dylan Davis in this match - and not only survives but becomes bolder as the battle wears on. Beyond his high-spirited acrobatics, he's a fine grappler - look here to see him (as Lil Blay) tap out five bigger wrestlers - while he is blindfolded! -  in a string of shoot matches.

The contrast in character types is a familiar one: free spirit versus mainstream. Dylan is perfect as the square-jawed beef - strong, humorless, judgmental, vain. His heat stems from his bearings, part military, part cop, part gladiator - all macho, totally authoritarian. His woodenness is part of the act, and it accentuates Cody's nonconformity. The battle is between strong-arm tactics and cutting edge. There's also a touch of rodeo in all this - cowboy taking on a bucking bronco or roping a calf. Can Davis break Blayde? Can Blayde take down The Man?

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  1. That Dylan Davis looks an awful lot like Brad Honeycutt from MBW ;)


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