Return of the Wolf Boy

Wolf Boy vs El Fuego, Match 703 (UCW)

These two are at first place and second place in my personal ranking of current UCW wrestlers. In any Wolf Boy match, I live for the moment he balls up his fists to duke it out with his opponent. In a boxer's crouch, this guy is ultra sexy. Then, in any El Fuego match, I live for the moment his body arcs, locked in a combination head scissors and arm lock. It's the tastiest view possible of his toned and hardwearing torso. I got these (3rd GIF and 5th GIF) and more in Match 703.

Wolfy wears a wolf mask to the ring not so much in recognition of Fuego's lucha mask but by way of marking his "return," as he calls it, to the UCW ring. Like a few other UCW stars, he plays the underground wrestling circuit, but a "return"? Really? He was wrestling Axel in this ring just two months ago. El Fuego's last appearance was over a month ago, against newcomer Cheetah Boy, a different animal entirely, as Fuego remarks to the Wolf Boy. He's had a winning streak of late, prompting Wolf Boy to threaten to take him down "a peg or two."

The bell sounds, and Wolfy takes El Fuego down to the mat in a front headlock, seemingly without effort. Shifting position, he rolls the masked man over, clutching his head and neck with both arms and legs (1st GIF). Fuego wriggles, loosening the grip, and goes into attack mode, tormenting Wolf Boy in a chinlock, then a side headock/figure four combo. The moves are a little stilted at first, but once the guys warm up, the match becomes a showcase of each wrestler's strong points.

One reason I like these guys is that they do the larger part of their work on the mat. Both are gifted at tying opponents up in knots, and both have flexible enough joints to take a great deal of twisting and yanking. As a few of my GIFs well illustrate, they don't forget to bring the ropes and turnbuckle into the action from time to time. The match is give and take from beginning to end, when one of these guys gets choked clean the fuck out and the victor claims an easy (and rather disdainful) three-count pin.

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