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Leon Klen vs Biohazard, Paris Assault 15 (Wrestlingmale)

Biohazard is twice Leon's age, plus change, but he shares the guy's background in bodybuilding. Both hail from Malaga in southern Spain, so it's not farfetched to imagine a backstory to this 2018 fight. Both share a penchant for aggressive play. Klen shows characteristic contempt for Biohazard, and Biohazard, in turn, is too conceited to immediately recognize Klen as the formidable adversary he is. The match starts with arm wrestling, my cue to fast forward a few minutes, picking the story back up when Biohazard talks Leon into oiling up for the match, an excellent suggestion, in my opinion.

This match more than confirms my suspicion that Leon is my kind of guy. His eyes glisten as he goes in tight for the kill, and he clearly enjoys giving Biohazard a few bruises to remember him by. (Ageing aggrosexual that I am, I can't help but envy Biohazard.) The older man teases Leon into this fight, and Leon laps it up like milk, pulling his punches, to be sure, but seeing them through just enough to clip the edges of Biohazard's ego. Klen enjoys his opponent's sneak attacks, knowing they permit him to turn the heat up higher. There's nothing cool and aloof about him. Leon gets in tight on his opponent and savors the man's moans.

The video's sepia tones perfectly match the grittiness of the brawl. As in other Wrestlingmale product, some segments are shot in slow motion, and sometimes the action is stuttered so that we see the same move twice in a row. But it's Leon Klen who is the heartbeat of this match. His obvious hankering for roughhouse and brimming self-confidence give the artsy elements their life. I haven't seen all of Wrestlingmale, but if I had seen this match when it first dropped, I would have probably downloaded a lot more video. For now, this is my favorite of all the Wrestlingmale matches I have seen so far.

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  2. ahahah cool you enjoyed so much!! yes was a genuine rough match super hooot! hugs to all


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