Oh Hell Yeah!

Joey Cantrell vs Axel, Match 745 (UCW)

"Looking at your face right now, I'm really glad I came back," Cantrell says, balling his right hand into a fist when he says the word "face."

Joey Cantrell returns to UCW to fight the man he last fought six years ago: Axel. I watched the new match twice - a barefoot rope brawl - then mumblemumblemumble - and then I watched my favorite parts again. Joey is bigger and better than ever and brings up the best in Axel, too. The UCW-cameraman-turned-UCW-fighter throws his whole body behind every punch. He tears into Axel like nobody has torn into him in years. THIS is what I call a fight!

Now a full grown man, Joey is hotter than ever and as tough, blunt, and hungry as ever. The self-professed "street fighter at heart" brings back a rawness to underground wrestling that I had all but forgotten about. He comes on strong like he means to skin Axel alive. The match stirs up something in Axel, too, and the bludgeoning and asphyxiation are relentless, making this one of Axel's least predictable battles. Cantrell's dark side has never been darker, but he draws on his years of experience as a high-school wrestler to balance nastiness against a high regard for the sport.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the UCW match of 2020. It's an early Christmas for me, and I pray to the gods of fury for Joey and Axel to set 2021 on fire!

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