Suicide Mission

I think of Chase Michaels as UCW's assassin. The wiry, stone-faced grappler gets called in to rub out wannabes and take big shots down a peg or two. He's one of my top three favorite wrestlers at UCW, and every time I see him on the mat or in the ring, I'm convinced he occupies the number one spot. In the company's latest release, BodySlam and Axel may be sending Chase on a suicide mission against newly signed musclehunk Ken. Skinny Chase has been thrown into matches against other brick walls in the past, but this one may have Michaels's name on it.

The way Chase coils around an opponent is instant hard-ons at my house. The hairy legs and wisps of chest fur add to the effect. Chase instinctively knows how to handle Ken. At first Ken doesn't know what hit him, but bulk and wrestling experience are on his side, and he's quick to catch on to UCW's time-honored motto Capto eum per globos. Occasionally the body blows are pulled, but grabbing an opponent by the balls never fails, and in this match the clutches and twists are as tight as I have ever seen them.

The back and forth is heated and nonstop. Ken and Chase both are tenacious fighters. KtW's strong suit is his thick muscle, almost impossible to get around, solid, dense, crushing - even Chase's wiles can take him only so far against this guy. Chase's flexibility and speed are distinct advantages and, as always, make for an intriguing fight. The clash between these two is one of the most watchable fights I've seen this year.

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  1. I always enjoy your take on the UCW matches. Chase is one of my favorite wrestlers as well. He always brings a good fight. Your description of him as the UCW assassin triggered a fantasy of Chase as an elite assassin charged with facing an enemy opponent Ken (a la James Bond). Will definitely check this one out. ty Joe! Has Chase met his match? Let's see.

  2. Ken The Wrestler (KTW) is my idea of the perfect barefoot, roided wrestling Daddy type you would see on the older wrestling programs such as WCCW - think a barefoot Kevin Von Erich and other seriously good looking muscle wrestlers that could be the hottest jobber or sadistic heel . If you are as turned on as I am by solid roidguts and outtie navels look no further. This match really works with the sadistic barefoot ripped big-dicked wildman Chase who stomps, headbuts, pounds KTW's roid gut and package with erotic and sadistic pleasure. The only thing missing in this match is that both wrestlers are stripped naked and head for the oil pit for some hardcore naked wrestling and on camera belly to belly rough sex a la Mark Wolf / Brian Maxon style naked in oil wrestling matches made by Can-Am back in the day. This would be the ultimate but this video gets closer to this than most I have seen lately. Kudos to UCC and really hope to see more matches of KTW in any format.


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