Let's Tussle!

Judo Kan vs Foxx Denfort, Paris Rough House War 32 (Wrestlingmale)

The English verb tussle  is often used as a synonym for wrestle, but to my ears it's that plus mutual arousal. Wrestling is a recognized sport, but tussling mainly happens in dorm rooms and backyards. It's as much seduction as it is competition - it is both equally. The gratifying sensations of body contact and domination are the heart of tussling. This is what Wrestlingmale implies in its subtitle to this match - "Roll-on in love!"

If any nations are tops in seduction, they are Italy and France, and proud sons of both countries are in the ring - Judo (in black trunks) from Rome and Foxx (in green) from Paris, both in their thirties (that decade of male perfection, in my long-held opinion), both among the hottest muscle on the Wrestlingmale roster. They are in the top three of my fantasy roster, home edition, and I might as well add that this match is my favorite of Wrestlingmale's matches to date.

These men tease, pinch, bite, and roll over each other, and the action is speedy and ferocious. Like folk-style wrestling, control is the goal, but the satisfaction is something different and more than a gold medal. I don't think these guys are faking it. I think they want each other. If they didn't fuck after this match, they most definitely jerked off. Speaking of which, Foxx and Judo keep their trunks on for the full twenty-eight minutes. Somehow, for me, that's more erotic than XXX wrestling porn, and there's nothing wrong with wrestling porn - Wrestlingmale has plenty of it in stock.

Unlike wrestling, the "winner" of a tussle is always difficult to assign. In wrestling the winner is the fighter who pins, knocks out, or submits the other fighter. The pleasurable sensations of tussling require no winner and would be impossible to measure anyway. I am a strong proponent of tussling. I wish the opportunities didn't decrease the older I get, but past tussles are among my happiest memories and the easiest life events to recall in fine detail.

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