Three Masketeers

Derthal vs Jorge vs Guillaume, Paris Rough House War 31 - The Masks (Wrestlingmale)

All three wrestlers wear identical black masks - a cool idea, I think. They're distinguishable by their trunks: Derthal (of the South of France) is in white, Jorge (of Madrid) is in blue, and Guillaume (of Paris) is in green. The setup is that they are one against all and all against one. Ranging in age from 44 to 57 (all three are younger than I am, by the way, so watch your mouth in the Comments section), they represent a maturer set of wrestlers than we usually see in underground wrestling. 

A sensuous pile-on of middle-aged bad boys is one of the best angles I have seen in (no pun intended) ages. This one is all the better because it is shot in a continuous take - like the opening of Touch of Evil or The Player or Baby Driver - the few cuts being slo-mo replays of key moments. Long takes, I think, give matches more of a feeling of immediacy, lacking when there are a lot of edits. At first, the match is one on one, with the third guy looking on, on standby, ready to tag in. Soon enough, all three of them are rolling and pounding each other on the ring floor. This is the best part of a wrestling equivalent of King of the Mountain - a little confusing at times, but hot as dick.

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  1. matures are very hot experienced nasty guys ahahah! Enjoy

  2. fantastic match with sexy mature wrestlers. You should also review the latest release from Wrestlingmale, very hot too (Jorge/ Judoka)


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