Foxx Denfert vs  Duc Roys, Paris Rough House War 35 (Wrestlingmale)

You get two downloads when you purchase Paris Rough House War 35  for a total of forty-eight minutes of up-close-and-personal crotch-rubbing. The first session goes for twenty-nine minutes, with Denfert (5'6" 187#)  in green and Roys (5'9" 159#) in red. The second session goes for nineteen minutes, with both men in green. Though occasionally the two play tough guys, the point is body contact and muscle worship, not a knockout or a pin. This is friendly competition taken to the next level, but stopping short of triple-X porn.

Close in age, the two men have great chemistry, no doubt because they have a history of wrestling each other in private. Etienne, the founder of Wrestlingmale, lends them the ring to take their private sessions to us the public. Don't expect a pro-style wrestling match, though. As noted above, these two are more interested in body friction than Irish whips. Both experience vulnerability and command for their own sakes. The goal is mutual veneration. Skin on skin and muscle against muscle have rewards that do not need topping off with an arm raised in victory or even a cum shot.

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