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Zach Reno vs Travis (Wrestler4Hire)

Travis shines not only in sheer physical beauty but also in his rapid adaptation to underground wrestling, so rapid, in fact, that in less than a year he's a mainstay at three wrestling sites that I know of, probably more, my memory for numbers and names not being what it should be. His shoulders, pecs, butt, and thighs are perfect regardless of the banner he's wrestling under. His steady composure is as adorable as his permanently pouty lips. 

Some of you may be able to fill in the details of Travis's bio, but I don't know whether Travis was a wrestler before the underground found him. He's an in-demand model, I know from Instagram. He's new to this form of entertainment, but he's catching on fast. He keeps pace with Zach Reno in this 20-minute video.

Travis would be impossible to tear my eyes from if it weren't for Zach's pink briefs. The briefs are small, almost too small for the load they carry. (Reno's UCW match against Tyson the Hammer once seen cannot be unseen. That's all there is to it. Nine months later, the imprint of that match remains indelible.) Indeed, the pink gear catches Travis's attention, too. 

I wouldn't give the skimpy briefs full credit for it, but as much as I love looking at Travis, Reno seems to be more fun to play with. His exaggerated facial expressions don't just sell the match's seesaw turns of fortune; they remind me that wrestling is supposed to be about throwing yourself wholeheartedly into the fray. It's supposed to be fun, and Zack makes this match as fun to watch as it is. Just look at that seventh GIF. His fall consists of two or more gesticulations in addition to the basic sell. That is  artistry!

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