Muscle Beast vs Etienne, XTreme Shot @ ParisRoughHouse Bestial Show Part 1 (Wrestlingmale)

Wrestlingmale's latest is something of a jigsaw puzzle. It's simple on the surface - a live-feed match with the audience calling the shots. A long-distance yet synchronized audience, of course, complicates things. First, they decide the rules of the match - they decide the winner is the guy who gets three submissions by choking, Okay I like this crowd. 

Boss-man Etienne sweetens the pot by promising his opponent and bête-noir, Muscle Beast, an end to MB's banishment from Wrestlingmale. Worth noting is the fact that the ban had not exactly stopped the Beast from appearing in several matches during his "exile." 

If you order this match, you get two downloads. Each is the same match, but shot from two angles. The decision not to splice the two long takes together is another first for Wrestlingmale. One has the better lighting. The other, the one I like better and the one the above screenshots were taken from, is darker, closer to the action, more dramatic in a film-noir style.

Both wrestlers are favorites of mine. Both are ruggedly handsome. Six-foot-three Beast is basically a sofa that fights. Etienne is just an inch shorter and leaner - a sort of Vincent-Cassel-meets-Petrocelli type. The fight's narrative is completely audience-driven, so it's a choking fetish on constant replay. My kinkster side approves, although the match operates less as beginning-middle-end story, which I usually favor, than as a string of reiterations of the agony and turn-on of strangulation.

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  1. TablettesdeChocolatMarch 8, 2021 at 9:06 AM

    I hope that Muscle Beast sleepered him!


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