Zack Reno vs  Jessie Lee, Match 760 (UCW)

Nobody here thinks Jessie Lee is taking Zack Reno's belt, right? The smiley-faced guy hasn't a chance, right? Well, hold on to that thought. The important news here is not whether they win or lose: these wrestlers put up one helluva fight in the latest skirmish over the UCW championship title. By the end of this hard thirty-minute neck and neck slog, neither wrestler is working at full capacity, so exhausting is the strain just to hold out to the end.

The grinding body-locks, the trunks-pulling, the grunting misery of having to crawl from under one's opponent, these situations fray the nerves and weaken muscle. On top of everything else it's clear that Jessie doesn't want just the belt. Let's not hem and haw around the plain-as-day evidence. Almost as much as he wants the UCW medallion against his tummy, Jessie wants Zack's ass on his stick. He can't keep his hands (and tongue) off the champ. He works Zack's crotch till Zack's hog is detailed against harlequin-green spandex. And thank you, Jessie, for up-close views of Reno's marshmallow cheeks.

Okay, maybe a tiny bit of the sex fantasy is in my head. There is no nudity, no penetration - this is a legit challenge. But there are no rules. Zack and Jessie are wildcats in the ring. The turbulence that is the last ten minutes of this match is stilled (amazingly) by a traditional three-count, leg pulled up to the shoulder, torso flung across chest, a grimacing loser, and crotch to the face as the victor raises his fist in triumph.

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  1. Whoa, great gallery bro. Their bodies, their wild hair, their classic pro gear -- I'm in. I think I may be late for work this morning...


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