Cole Keller vs Massimo Arad, XTREME Shot @ Paris Roughhouse 6 (Wrestlingmale)

The muscles rise and roll like gigantic sea swells out of the dark. In only his second match for Wrestlingmale, hairy-chested Cole Keller is entrusted with breaking in newcomer Massimo Arad. For most of the match, Cole, in coral red trunks, dominates Massimo, in black. There's more grappling here than I expected, over half of the 52-minute video, with tests of strength at the beginning and penetration at the end, all under the watchful eye of ringmaster Etienne Erik.

I'm kind of hypnotized by Cole at present, but Massimo, from Brazil and now stationed in the UK, is certain to be material for fantasies soon, Cole is the bigger of the two, more in weight than in height, and in his mid-thirties he fits my idea of physical perfection (actually I have multiple ideas of physical perfection, which regular visitors to this blog already know). Keller's a dreamy combination of Steve Sterling and Tommy Torpedo, with Jonny Firestorm's chest hair thrown in for good measure.

According to the online catalog description, wrestlingboss Etienne is grooming Keller to be the French Muscle Beast. Keller has the muscle already and in this match shows a measure of the German's beastliness. Adding nine inches in height will prove a challenge, but a low center of gravity is a big advantage in grappling on the mat and in the ring. The catalog also mentions how quick a learner Cole is, and indeed his fight here is an improvement on his debut. More than once he had me salivating over his rough handling of beautiful Massimo.

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  1. I confirm.... Cole Keller as the New Beast!! A God who fights and ucks like a God too


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