Beast & Foxx & Giulian

Muscle Beast and Giulian vs Foxx Denfert, XTREME Shot @ ParisRoughouse Live Show (Wrestlingmale)

What I have seen of Wrestlingmale so far is vastly different than underground wrestling in the US. The closest comparison I can make is to Thunders Arena, which also mixes wrestlers and bodybuilders in casual but wrestling-like interaction, with an emphasis on skin-tight briefs and pointers on the art and science of wrestling. Both companies indulge "bad behavior" as a kind of humor and enjoy life at a slower pace than most Americans can tolerate. Here we see beginners with zero wrestling experience up against highly trained wrestlers. Unlike Thunders, but like the now defunct Naked Kombat, Wrestlingmale takes the body contact further, with full-on nudity and penetration, along with the occasional s/m sex prop*. More so than its American counterparts, Wrestlingmale focuses a lot on team mentality and gimmicky challenges, verging on reality competition shows, sort of CrossFit Meets America's Got Talent  Meets Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

I like it. Muscle Beast, Giulian, and Foxx Denfert take centerstage in this episode. The tone is jock-casual and appropriately French - egalitarian, carefree, fraternal. Etienne Erik is ever-present but easygoing. Masked Giulian, the youngest and newest in the crew, is built like a monument, 6'1" 286 pounds of Italian muscle, but new to wrestling (he's had one previous match, which he won by sheer indestructibility). Foxx Denfert is the smallest in this group, which is why the catalog description is subtitled "The Goliath Brothers & David." The second Goliath brother is Muscle Beast, the most experienced and most temperamental of the three-man team. Winning seems less important here than fitting in, catching some feels, indulging the freedom to treat oneself and one's company as objects to be handled roughly. That's perhaps the match's biggest difference from its American counterparts - it's almost entirely about fondling, frottage, climbing on top of another man, a playtime for grown-up men comfortable in their own skin and tight silky trunks.

* This particular match is PG-13, however.

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  1. thank you for so clever deep article:))

  2. A question: you mentioned frottage and fondling in this specific video, is that between Muscle Beast and Giulian? I ask because the italian newcomer is a known straight bodybuilder with a steady girlfriend and I'd like to know if he does anything sensual in the fight or just wrestling. Thanks.


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