Little Bastard Returns!

Muscle Beast vs Marius, Little Bastard Returns! (Wrestlingmale)

Unlike Muscle Beast and Marius's first match and most of the other Wrestlingmale matches I have seen lately, producer-trainer-wrestler Etienne Erik is not at ringside giving orders in this rematch. This is an actual match, with score cards, not a training session. Frankly, I've been waiting for a new legit fight at Wrestlingmale, and a rematch without the coach sticking his nose into everybody's business is welcome.

Marius's disadvantages are more immediately visible than his advantages. He is smaller and lighter than Muscle Beast. He's twelve years older, which may be a disadvantage (youth AND big muscle are hard to overcome), but the caginess that life experience brings could work to his advantage. Another advantage he has over Beast is his training and experience as a freestyle wrestler. Big as he is, Muscle Beast came to Wrestlingmale a novice, though admittedly he has been a fast learner.

Both wrestlers are heels with fairly elaborate tastes in cruel handling of opposition. It's hard to judge which one is scarier in the ring, but given the warning signs on Marius's résumé (sore loser, vain, and nasty) he may have more bad-boy points than Beast, whose sole vice, vanity, is pretty small potatoes compared to nasty. But there's the bigness and hairiness of Muscle Beast that stretches far beyond his youth and even relative inexperience.

I'm not crazy about uneven matches, but this one works for me. It's slow, and I don't sense a lot of rage, which I miss, but there is plenty of sweat late in the contest, and when Beast heaves himself atop 154-pound Marius, it's like the Frenchman is buried under a lava flow. The match does not attempt to be erotic, but, as I keep saying, sweaty wrestling is as good or better than a fuck.

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