Opposites Attack, Part Two

Shawn Duncan vs Derek Ortiz, The Rematch (Movimus)

Welcome back, Movimus! I have missed you so much! The company has released its first new match in years, and it's a whopper - a rematch between the ever-electric Shawn Duncan and the ever-methodical Derek Ortiz, who first fought each other in 2018. Watching Shawn match Derek point by point for 31 minutes is excitement-plus. Derek is the taller of the two, and Shawn is the brawnier, yet their bodies fit together in a seemingly endless loop that favors one and then the other. There's no sweat, but there's plenty of grunting and groaning. These men are fierce!

The camerawork is top-notch, closing in on grimaces and tight-lipped determination, pulling back for the rough and tumble that take Ortiz and Duncan all over the mat. And, as in times past, Movimus's HVS color scale is super-sensuous - the writhing, scarcely covered bodies look warm to the touch. However, the effect is somewhat lost in the drab screenshots above. Movimus's Instagram tease for this battle is sexy and playful, too. The match and the revival of Movimus are causes for celebration.

Visit Movimus here.


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