Ruslan Angelo vs Muscle Beast and Etienne Erik, Serial Leg Split (Wrestlingmale)

Wrestlingmale turns on the heat in this fine opener for the new year. (Actually, the match debuted the last week of 2021.) The boss-man throws Swedish OnlyFans and Bareback Boy Holes sensation Ruslan into the maw of Muscle Beast, perhaps expecting the Beast to wear the new hire down so Etienne can get on top of him. Ruslan is a livewire, though, quickly turning the match around with two sharp kicks to the Beast's balls. To be sure, Ruslan is as feisty a fighter as has ever stepped into the Wrestlingmale ring. He will do whatever it takes to take down the two bigger and heavier fighters. He is not just eye candy. I see him as a cross between Can-Am's Paul Perris (those splits) and WWE's Finn Balor, but he's an original, and he jumpstarts 2022. Win or lose, this guy will let any potential challengers know they have been in a FIGHT. Lovers of aggressive sex wrestling will love this match, and yes, I am, and yes, I do.


  1. hihi thank you ; I had so much fun with Ruslan.. more to come:) Happy new year to all opf you! Best wishes. Hugs. Etienne


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