Hired Muscle

Fabulous Freddie Flash wants to avenge his loss against UKWH champion T-World. Earlier, the champ gave the foolhardy American a merciless pummeling, so FFF offers to pay UK's premier underground wrestler Callum to protect him during his second challenge to the champ. His offer is Freddie's wages for a month, cash in hand. Callum makes a counteroffer, all the cash plus Freddie's wages for the next two months.

I get the sense that Callum would gladly give T-World multiple thrashings for no fee, but if the American wants to wave his money around, Callum figures his help is worth a whole lot more than Freddie's initial offering. When Freddie tries to bargain, Callum refuses to budge, saying, "I walk, and I'll let anyone and everyone beat the crap outa ya. I'll even help 'em." Tripping over his naive self-confidence, Freddie accepts the deal.

Both men are in the ring when T-World shows up. Callum  announces himself as the "hired help." T turns to Freddie and asks, "You need 'hired help'?" Freddie mumbles something about two being better than one, without exactly answering the champ's question. Callum steps back, offering FFF the first blow. Freddie yammers on, "What do you think? Should I go ...." The bell cuts him off. So does Callum, who steps in to ram his fist into T-World's gut.

As the GIFs indicate, the battle is mainly between Callum and T-World. Callum incapacitates the champ quickly and continues to whip the guy's ass under the guise of showing Freddie how to fight. Freddie shows no sign of fight or spine. As for the match, the training, or whatever it is, what you see up to its final minutes takes a turn in the final two minutes. I'll leave the outcome for you to see for yourself.

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