Axel Loses His Shit


Most of the energy in this match is packed into the video's final four minutes. There are significant reversals in those minutes. That's all I'm saying on the subject. Michael, aka BodySlam, has instructed Anton to ref this match. Ex-champ Zack, itching to get his hands back on the UCW belt, makes sure Ref Anton knows how to count ... to 3, if not 10. Anton assures Zack he can go all the way up to 12.

Axel doesn't want Anton in the ring and shews him away. Anton refuses, arguing that he's there on the big boss's orders. (By this point, we know what Zack and Axel don't know - which is that Anton has plans of his own for this match.) "Trust me," says the ref. Axel's temper flares up - "With that shit-eating grin, I don't trust him. No, no, NO!"

Bell sounds, and Axel kicks Reno's leg. Reno staggers back to the turnbuckle, and his butt hits the floor. In a rage, Axel continues to stomp him, demanding that Zack submit. Zack resists. Axel works Reno over for the next five minutes. Zack strikes back but fails to pin the champ, who resumes beating his challenger up.

With Axel, Zack Reno, and Anton Alvarez together in the squared circle, I expected the wild energy that shot holes through me in the bumpy ride two weeks ago (#826), especially given Reno's scrappy interference in that brawl. I think also of last week's match, with Alvarez ably breaking in newcomer Mikey Cannon - #827 - finely tuned battle-play both men can look back on with pride. This match falls short of those matches, in my opinion, but the three-way intensity and distrust are impressive - and Axel and Reno chew up miles and miles of scenery.

Even when Match 828 is officially over, it's obviously not over for Axel, Zack, and Anton.

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