Bad-Ass Style

Aryx Quinn vs Michael Roman and Seth Santoro, Big Ass - Bad Ass! (Wrestlingmale)

Fearless and sassy and granite hard, Aryx wipes the mat with Michael and Seth's heinies. This is all the more satisfying because of the challengers' overweening self-confidence. Etienne introduces Aryx to the team in hopes that they will introduce him to the Wrestlingmale house style. No sooner does Etienne disappear into his office than Aryx snubs the so-called coaching in favor of old-fashion ass kicking. 

Jockstraps frame the cheeks of all three wrestlers, and routinely throughout the match, butts are the center of attention as both weapons and targets. First Roman and then Santoro take on Quinn with unrealistic self-confidence, as if Quinn were not already universally hailed as one of the great figures of underground wrestling. In the end (pun intended) Aryx wipes the mat with Michael and Seth, and as bizarre as the setup is, this may be the best two-against-one matches I have seen.

As expected, Aryx shines in a battle that could have been strictly for laughs and lands his butt wherever he pleases, with a decided preference for his opponents' faces. He reverses the old-dog-new-tricks saying by dominating and humiliating his intended trainers.

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