Slade Groman vs Kayden Keller, X-Fights 43 (BG East)

As dear Bette Davis once said, "Old age ain't no place for sissies," so why aren't there more machogenarians in the wrestling pit proving the point? BG East's X-Fights 43 enters seldom explored territory with Groman vs Keller. The company has produced similar matches before--in 2013 with Kid Leopard himself climbing into the ring against Brad Rochelle--and elsewhere UCW set LS Powerhouse loose on babyface Kenny Star last year, but contests like these are few and far between.

In XF43's opener, a hard-muscled Slade, last seen playing rough with Powergunz and Brooklyn Bodywrecker, loosens up with stretches and crunches. Kayden arrives, not only younger and fresher but also bigger than his opponent. Unintimidated, Slade forces Kayden to his knees in a test of strength. Kayden then returns the favor and goes on to dominate the guy in hold after hold, sneaking in liplocks along the way.

After 14 minutes of the youngster having his way with him, Groman strikes back, flattening Keller on the mat for gut-punches and a crotch-to-crotch claw hold. He works in face-sitting time, too. He makes the kid kiss his firm round biceps; then with one hand on the throat, he presses his lips to his conquest's.

"Let's settle this in the ring," Kayden begs after Groman breaks him in a torture rack and then smothers him with kisses. The kissing contest continues in the squared circle, leading to the X-rated portion of the show. Trunks get peeled, and serious hot frottage and fellatio ensue. There's no pretense of a fight past this point, just two dudes who got their hard on in battle seeking strong but gentle release in private.

As stated many times before, I generally prefer fights between like opponents--ginger vs ginger, black trunks vs black trunks, amputee vs amputee, Texan vs Texan. I still get off on Geigel vs Ellis, a classic veterans match I was too young to appreciate when it happened.  I guess I like symmetry, so next I'd like to see Slade take on somebody of his own generation, maybe with Kirk Donahue off to one side with a bow around his butt as the victor's trophy.

Nevertheless, here Slade impressively holds his own against strapping young Kayden, giving as well as taking, setting the ring on fire in a worshipful payoff.


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