Marco in Private: An Interview

Widely known thanks to his stints on Thunder's Arena and Wrestler4Hire, Marco is launching his exclusive 100% custom site that requires a secret code to enter. (Want the code? Leave your contact info here at The site is strictly for ordering custom matches and arranging to wrestle Marco, who will no longer be wrestling for other companies.

The customs are not limited to wrestling, and they don't have to include Marco, who has access to a wide array of bodybuilders and wrestlers. The customs will not be for public sale out of respect for customers who want their wrestling fantasies kept private and for the talent who prefer to avoid the public eye.

Each month, Marco will announce a location where he will be available to take on challengers. Eventually the site will include a blog and space for customer reviews and feedback. The blog will also feature photos, videos, and merchandise, including gear, shirts, and so on.

Earlier this week Marco told me he was up for an interview to promote the new site. His 2015 interview is the last I've done for this blog, so maybe it's a good thing that in 2018 his will be the first interview I've done in three years. He is and always has been a cagey individual, so I got little by way of naming names, but plenty on his unbridled enthusiasm for the new site. 

Joe: How did it come about that you got your own wrestling website?

Marco:  I wanted to be able to make my own content on my own time, and I wanted to offer a more premium level of customer service. I also wanted to offer more than just wrestling videos.

Joe: Will the Marco persona be the same as the one we know from Thunder's Arena and Wrestler4Hire?

Marco: Of course. That is the persona I personally created, so it will naturally still be there.

Joe: How will the Marco label differ from the other wrestling sites out there?

Marco: My level of customer service will exceed any studio's. I'm not limiting the site to only wrestling and flexing. It won't take months for your custom video to be done. You'll be updated throughout the process, if not a couple of days, then a couple of weeks before it is completed, depending on who is in the video. I understand how particular people are when it comes to customs. I'll make sure every small detail is included. I've made customs without a website for a couple of years, so a lot of people already know my level of customer service.

Joe: Can you name some of the other wrestlers participating in these customs?

Marco: There will be more guys because I am keeping the website private. That gives me access to guys that don't want to be filmed on a public platform.

Joe: Give me a top five count of "Wrestlers I Haven't Wrestled Yet But Want To."

Marco: I've wrestled everyone in the studios. I enjoy wrestling meetups the most. It's really the people that have not challenged me yet that I'd like to wrestle. I guess my answer would be "the unknown people to come."

Joe: What can you do on your own site that you could not do on the sites you previously appeared on?

Marco: Create, direct, and control the quality of the videos. Have a place for private matches and gear.

Joe: How does it feel to me a wrestling entrepreneur?

Marco: I've been one since the start. I've always done personal customs, but now I have my own site. For personal wrestling, I'm one of the few real wrestlers that have a great reputation.

Joe: How do I sign up for this?

Marco: There's a password page where you can enter your email. From there you will receive a temporary password. You will also be updated on my travel destinations and video discounts. The website's still new, but there will be more updates coming soon.

Joe: For the record, what are your current stats? Weight, body measurements, and so forth.

Marco: 5'10", 200 lean pounds, 18" arms.

Joe: Sweet! What's your training regiment these days?

Marco: Six days a week. Proving everyone wrong that says I'll get out of shape as I get older. (Laughs.)

Joe: Does bodybuilding improve wrestling? Or does wrestling build better bodies?

Marco: Strength will improve your wrestling. You have different goals in bodybuilding than you do in wrestling. Both aren't only about strength.

Joe: So, what's your favorite wrestling experience - on or off video?

Marco: My favorite experience wrestling is when someone is skilled and able to offer me a real challenge.

Joe: How would you describe a typical Marco fan?

Marco: I've met some great people over the last few years. Types of fans can vary in any type of entertainment business. I would say mine are very fun, respectful, loyal fans. I keep in touch with a lot of them and have built lasting friendships. It's very cool to connect on a personal level, rather than just through a character.

Joe: What's your favorite fan comment or message you have received?

Marco: I've had a few messages about people who I motivated to start working out and be more active.

Joe: In our first interview, you expressed an interest in MMA. Have you pursued that interest?

Marco: Yes, I've been training in MMA also since then.

Joe: You also said that disrespect is probably what riles you up the most. Is that a button many of your opponents have dared to push?

Marco: I've wrestled a variety of guys over the years. The disrespectful ones get beat on a little harder. Then I move on to the next one.

Joe: Who has earned your respect?

Marco: The owners of the two studios I wrestled for, and some of the guys at those studios I've built friendships with.

Joe: You also said that there was a part of you "that really gets off on controlling and dominating a bigger dude." After three years of wrestling all sizes of opponents, is that still true?

Marco: It always will be. That's one of the best things about wrestling. It's not always about how big and strong you are. It's more about how skilled and experienced you are.

Joe: Who was your toughest opponent?

Marco: I don't name names on the private side, but it was one of the pro MMA guys.

Joe: And your favorite opponent?

Marco: That's a tough one. I have fun in competitive matches and matches where I'm squashing the other person the whole time. It really just depends on the person.

Joe: I don't know much about your private life, and I don't expect you to delve into it here, but what do your friends and family think of your wrestling work?

Marco: They think it's awesome. It's a niche thing, so a lot of people outside of it don't understand it.

Joe: In a real fight - no weapons, strictly hand to hand - who would win? You or Cason?

Marco: [Pulling a "Duh" face.] Me. I have way more experience. Cason is a nice guy. When it comes to fight, I'm not nice. [Grinning mischievously.]

Sign up for Marco's private site here.


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