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Chase Addams vs Kirk Donahue, Florida Fights 7: After the Show (BG East)

Kirk excited everybody in the house on February 22, the night of the benefit show produced by BG East. His electrifying performance hit its peak when he turned the tables on new heel Trevor Read. The show could not have opened with a better match. Except, possibly, this one. Kirk is still in little-babyface-that-could mode in this fight against up-and-coming heel Chase, and he is wondrous to behold - tough as cowboy jerky and gentlemanly as humanly possible when facing a tiger like Addams.

I know Addams mostly through his rocky tag partnership with (against?) Ty Alexander. That match was played as Our Gang comedy - more cutes than I can usually handle - though redeemed somewhat by a messier and meaner singles bout pitting Chase against Ty. Nothing had prepared me for the Chase Addams I see here. The guy is plumb nasty. And the give and take between him and Kirk is brutal and exhilarating. Practically each minute (of the 34 total) sees a reversal in the power structure. By the end of the first third of the contest, both men are shiny with sweat. By the beginning of the final third, rivulets cascade down their chests and bellies. It's the raw edge of wrestling that captivates me. And the high points of this match are very steak tartare.

The guys get to business quickly. Chase teases with a test of strength challenge that's just a ruse for starting things off with a cheap trick. You don't have to be Einstein to see who the heel is here. As usual, Kirk suffers brilliantly - convincingly and affectingly - but on a dime he can switch to vengeful aggression. As already noted, the reversals come speedily, making it almost impossible to predict the victor until the final ten minutes. The fast pace is what gives this match its steam - that and the two wrestlers perfectly matched in weight and showmanship. Kirk can be as brutal as Chase - with a chilling, superhuman air of virtue to boot. The battle between virtue and iniquity is enough to make my ex-evangelical nuts hum.

The final reckoning is agonizing, wet, noisy, and highly erotic for sick fucks like me. It's not what I expected. This is not a wrestler making balloon animals out of his opponent's body. This is not a sudden out-of-the-blue one-eighty. This is by no means a clean pin-fall or tap-out. This is 600 seconds of vindictive retribution served up with reptilian cold-bloodedness, a knee-cracking, gut-stomping, tears-in-the-eyes submission climaxing in what I'm going to call a front-facelock piledriver. Whatever it's actual technical name, it's  brutal, and messily enough performed to look dangerous.

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  1. You're right ( usual)
    Kirk is highly appealing and looks great in the ring.
    It will be interesting to see if he branches out to other promotions be it under or over ground...


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