Dave Cole

At 19, Connecticut-born Dave Cole, 6'2", 200#, debuted as one half (with J-Busta) of the tag team the Canadian Superstars at ECWA.  Hybrid Wrestling in Ohio picked up the team, and the guys had a long-running and highly exciting feud with Faith in Nothing (Christian Faith and Vincent Nothing).

Shortly after going solo in 2008, Cole, dubbed the "New Deal," picked up the first Hybrid championship title, which he holds still.

Here are some tasty shots of Cole working Dustin Rayz:

He also works with the Beyond Wrestling guys (in this interview with BW he wears glasses and looks uber-hawt) and other organizations, such as Combat Zone Wrestling.  He turns 25 later this month.

Like Gabriel Pionkowski and Scott McEwan, Cole is an accomplished artist as well as a pro wrestler.  His trippy paintings look like they draw influences equally from William Morris and Bill Plympton.

Head in the Clouds

Take Off Your Mask


  1. oh man, of all the random things to see in my google reader box(which I hardly ever check) It's my boy DC. great dude.

  2. I agree. And some of his gear features the moniker ACDC (Awesomely Cool Dave Cole). Great guy.


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