Krush is the gay wrestling fan's superhero. Other underground wrestling companies give us cute boys playing dress-up and call it superhero wrestling. It's very pretty, but over half the boys play it coy on identifying as gay or bi--and few pass muster as wrestlers (looking good in wrestling gear counts for a lot but it does not equal wrestling). Krush is the opposite of coy. Krush of planet Krushco symbolically takes on the enemies of equality, liberty, and fraternity with opponents named Stan Torum and Marco Robio (wink wink), and his matches "keep it real," with hardly a smirk or posedown to be found. Krush is generously brutal, an equal-opportunity aggressor, never stinting on the pelvic thrusts and stiff chops to the head. A wrestling match with Krush involves 100% body contact, 100% agony, nothing held back. Over the past few years, Krushco has polished its act with hi-def videography, a more attractive fight space, more mobile camerawork, a few entertaining gimmicks, and a more personable and boisterous version of the Krush character, but what has not changed is the intensity of the battles and the grit of the opponents, with a level of commitment hard to find anywhere else.

Krush vs Lance

Krush vs Johnny O (Rematch)

Krush vs Johnny O

Krush vs Lionel 
Krush vs Marco Robio

Krush vs Stan Torum


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